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The Financial Sky is Falling. Do Your Children Have an Umbrella?

Money Lessons for Life DVD teaches young people about money

West Palm Beach, FL - August 6, 2008 - Countless families are drowning in credit card debt, losing their homes to foreclosure, struggling with skyrocketing gas and food prices and watching their retirement accounts decline in value. Many of yesterday's children are suffering financially because they weren't taught about money at a young age. They were told that obtaining a good job and working hard would provide a secure financial future, but that isn't necessarily true. So, how can we prepare future generations for economic storms when most young people lack basic financial skills?

Money Lessons for Life recently introduced an innovative DVD, "Intro to Money" to help combat financial illiteracy. It's a great tool for kids, teens and twenty-somethings to start learning about money so that they can set and achieve their own financial goals.

Based on successful Money Lessons for Life school programs, "Intro to Money" is not your typical educational video. It teaches younger people about money with attention grabbing effects, cool animation and trendy music. Even complicated financial concepts are made easy to understand and remember.

For example, if you and your 15 year old teen contribute $2,000 a year to a Roth IRA for only six years, the investment would be worth about $300,000 at retirement based on a 7% return. If you wait until they are 30, it would take 35 years to achieve the same goal.

Learning just one valuable lesson by watching this DVD could be worth thousands of dollars to your children's future. To buy "Intro to Money" or for more information, you can visit

About Money Lessons for Life
Money Lessons for Life was founded to attack financial illiteracy in America. It makes learning about money fun and easy with innovative DVDs, school programs and money coaching for children, teens and adults. Participants learn to make informed money decisions that will affect their lives now and in the future.

Garrett Jay founded Money Lessons for Life to share his diverse and well balanced financial background that began at a young age when he sold tadpoles to his friends.

View a promotional video clip for these DVD money lessons:

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