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Summer Money Camp Programs at

The Benjamin School June 7th – June 17th 2010


Call 561-472-5998 ext. 2124 or 561-333-1220
for more information and to register.

For Students entering Grades 3 – 5
Money Lessons for Life – Making Money with Your Own Business
Do you want to earn your own money?  Would you like to develop a great business idea, but don’t know where to begin? In these sessions you will learn how to evaluate potential business ideas.
You will also learn how to prepare and evaluate financial information such as start up costs, operating costs, and profitability.  Who will your customers be?  Will they be willing to buy what you are offering?  Will there be enough of them to make your business profitable and worthwhile?  These questions and more will be answered in a very interactive and fun series.

For Students entering Grades 6 – 12

Money Lessons for Teen Life: Welcome to the Real World

So, you’re a teenager and you’re on your way to becoming an adult. In these sessions, you will learn how to actively make smart financial decisions instead of learning the hard way as you go through life.  Hands on interactive topics will include:

• Graduating from allowance to your first “real” job

—How much will you earn? (net pay)

—What will you do with your earnings?

• Buying your first car

—New vs. Used & Buy vs. Lease

—How to calculate your monthly payments and total finance costs

—Getting the best deal

—Insurance costs, maintenance and repair costs

—Estimating usage (miles driven), fuel efficiency, and fuel costs

• Starting to plan for college

—Estimating the total costs

—Paying for it (savings, loans, jobs, parents’ contributions)

—Student loan pitfalls

—How much do some jobs pay after graduation?


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