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Are you looking for innovative and effective school assembly and school program ideas that fit within your budget?  More than ever, parents and students are yearning for a practical "real world" education that will offer a competitive head start to a successful life. They are looking to teachers and administrators to offer these school assemblies and other programs.

Surprisingly, even the brightest students lack basic financial literacy and money math skills. In today's world where calculators, computerized cash registers, ATM machines, and credit/debit cards are the norm, paper money and money principles have become more abstract. Even the new edition of Monopoly has replaced paper money with a card reader/calculator. The vast majority of students are not learning the important money skills they need.

Money Lessons for Life™ teaches all about money in a fun, easy to understand and interactive environment. Participants learn to make informed money decisions that will affect their lives now and in the future. Our programs can be customized to your group's level of financial literacy, your budget, and scheduling constraints. 

Program benefits include:

  1. Obtaining practical money knowledge
  2. Developing good money habits for a financially independent lifestyle
  3. Improving math and analytical skills
  4. Enhancing communication and presentation skills

We currently offer financial literacy programs for:

  • Elementary Schools (Code: ES)
  • Middle Schools (Code: MS)
  • High Schools (Code: HS)
  • Colleges and Universities (Code: CU)

Assemblies & Classroom Workshops

ES, MS, HS, CU Intro to Money
ES, MS, HS, CU Money Math
MS, HS, CU Earning Money
ES, MS, HS, CU Saving Money
MS, HS, CU Spending Money
MS, HS, CU Investing Money
HS, CU Money Lessons for Teen Life
HS, CU Money Lessons for College Life
HS, CU Investing Simulation
MS, HS, CU Making Money with Your Own Business

Money Field Trips

ES, MS, HS, CU At the Bank
MS, HS, CU At the Mall
ES, MS, HS, CU At the Supermarket
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