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School Assemblies & Classroom Workshops

Saving Money

The average savings rate in America is extremely low and in 2005, it was actually negative (first time since the Great Depression). Why do we save so little and why does it matter? On an individual level, it's important to save your money for financial freedom, for unexpected financial needs, and for your future (so you don't have to work until you're 90!) For our country, a higher savings rate means that more money can be invested to grow our economy and fewer people will need government assistance now and in their future.

  • Reasons to save your money
  • Calculating interest
  • The power of starting to save when you're young
  • What happens if you don't stick to the savings plan (miss a few savings payments)
  • Inflation & Deflation
  • Different types of savings accounts

For more information about this program for your school or organization,
click here or give us a call at 561$333$1220.

We currently offer financial literacy programs for:

  • Elementary Schools (Code: ES)
  • Middle Schools (Code: MS)
  • High Schools (Code: HS)
  • Colleges and Universities (Code: CU)

Assemblies & Classroom Workshops

ES, MS, HS, CU Intro to Money
ES, MS, HS, CU Money Math
MS, HS, CU Earning Money
ES, MS, HS, CU Saving Money
MS, HS, CU Spending Money
MS, HS, CU Investing Money
HS, CU Money Lessons for Teen Life
HS, CU Money Lessons for College Life
HS, CU Investing Simulation
MS, HS, CU Making Money with Your Own Business

Money Field Trips

ES, MS, HS, CU At the Bank
MS, HS, CU At the Mall
ES, MS, HS, CU At the Supermarket
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Everyone has the potential to be a millionaire...
You don't need a lot of money...You don't need to be a genius...
But, you do need to start now!