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Money Field Trips

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ES, MS, HS, CU Money Field Trip at the Bank
MS, HS, CU Money Field Trip at the Mall
ES, MS, HS, CU Money Field Trip at the Supermarket

These educational field trips are truly innovative and fun for the students as well as the teachers and parents.

Money Field Trip at the Mall
Individual and team Money Missions teach students how to:

  • Develop their own ideas of managing their shopping within a budget
  • Shop around and ask the right questions to get the best deals
  • Quickly calculate sale and promotional discounts
  • Calculate the number of hours they would have to work to pay for certain items

Money Field Trip at the Bank
What are banks and why do we need them?  How does a bank make money?  Students will also learn the differences between types of bank accounts offered including interest, fees, and accessibility (liquidity). They may visit the vault and understand the importance of maintaining important financial documents there as well as keeping copies at home. They will also learn the differences between ATM, Debit and Credit Cards.

Money Field Trip at the Supermarket
At the supermarket, participants will be taught ideas of how to take advantage of sales, promotions, coupons and other discounts. They will learn the importance of unit cost and how to quickly calculate the best deal. The students will also learn what the average family spends on groceries per week and several ways to save money. If they help their family save $50 a week on grocery shopping and eating out one fewer time a week and have their parents invest the money saved, they could have over $1 million when they retire (at 65)!

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