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Money Lessons For Life

Credit Cards

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Library Programs

14 to choose from and more on the way…

The following programs are designed to last 45 minutes, but can be modified to accommodate your schedule.  Each program is tailored to the age range of the students.  Parents are welcome to observe and learn! For pricing and booking information e-mail us or call 561$333$1220.  Ask about our discounts for multiple bookings with other libraries. 

Also, read the Library Journal review of our "Intro to Money" DVD. 


      For Grades:       Program Topics


      3-5, 6-8, 9-12      Money Math

Why it’s important to be Money Math smart

Giving and receiving the correct change

Time is money

Fractions and percentages

Weights and measures             


      3-5, 6-8, 9-12      Intro to Money Part I

What is money and why do we need it?

What people did before money

The Trading Game


      3-5, 6-8, 9-12      Intro to Money Part II

Types of Money (including debit and credit cards)

What you can do with money


              6-8, 9-12      Intro to Money Part III

Supply & Demand – How does it affect what you buy?


Monopoly & Oligopoly


       3-5, 6-8, 9-12     Earning Money

                                    Ways to make money

                                    Earning information (minimum wages,
                                    average household income)

                                    What things cost relative to what you earn


       3-5, 6-8, 9-12     Saving Money

                                    Reasons to save your money

                                    What’s interest and how do you calculate it?

                                    The awesome power of saving early and often

                                    Different types of savings accounts


       3-5, 6-8, 9-12     Spending Money

                                    How much do you spend?

                                    Cell phone example

                                    Spending tips

Credit cards - the good, the bad and the ugly


              6-8, 9-12      Investing Money

                                    What does investing mean?

                                    Types of investments

                                    Calculating returns

                                    Diversification and why it’s important


              6-8, 9-12      What’s a Ponzi Scheme?

And how does it work?

How to avoid Madoff like ponzi schemes in the future


              6-8, 9-12      Starting Your Own Business Part I
                                    You have ideas for a business, but will anybody
                                    pay and how much?
                                    How will you find customers and how much will
                                    it cost? (Marketing Plan)


              6-8, 9-12      Starting Your Own Business Part II

Startup costs, material costs, unit costs, profit per unit

How many do you have to sell to break even?

Calculating profits…will your time and effort be worth it?


                     9-12      Money Lessons for Teen Life: Your first job
                                   Welcome to the Real World Part I

How much do people earn?

Hey, what are all those deductions on my paycheck?

Hot jobs and industries for you to consider


                     9-12      Money Lessons for Teen Life:  Buying your first car
                                   Welcome to the Real World Part II
Total costs of owning and operating a car
Monthly payments, interest rate comparisons,
                                   total finance costs
Annual gas costs and how MPG can really make
                                   a difference
How much can you afford? 

                     9-12      Money Lessons for Teen Life: Planning for College
                                   Welcome to the Real World Part III
Yikes! The total cost will be?
                                    How much student loans will cost you after graduation
              Your first real job.  How much will you earn?
Will you be able to afford your student loan payments?

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