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Money Lessons For Life

Credit Cards

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Lesson Plans

Credit Card Module (Grades 9-12)
What is credit and what is a credit card?
Credit cards aren't bad, but habits can be
Credit card monthly cost activity and worksheet
Credit card money tips
Think before you spend
Walk to the moon faster than paying off your credit card debt?
Review questions and answers

Credit Score Module (Grades 9-12)
American college student spending and debt
What is a credit score?
What determines your credit score?
The good, the bad, and the ugly
Why should I care about my credit score? (Handout and answer sheet)
Loan agreement activity
Review questions and answers

Buying a Car Module (Grades 9-12)
Let the Buyer Beware (what to look out for)
Money Math - Car Purchase and Financing
What It Costs to Put Gas in Your Car
Depreciation - Another Cost of Owning a Car
The Total Cost of Owning a Car
Ways to Waste Your Money When Buying a Car
Review Questions and Answers

Currently each PDF module is only $10 and includes licensing for up to 50 students.  Available for purchase online by December 15, 2011 or you can order now by calling 561-333-1220.

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