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School Programs

School Assemblies & Classroom Workshops

ES, MS, HS, CU Intro to Money
ES, MS, HS, CU Money Math
MS, HS, CU Earning Money
ES, MS, HS, CU Saving Money
MS, HS, CU Spending Money
MS, HS, CU Investing Money
HS, CU Money Lessons for Teen Life
HS, CU Money Lessons for College Life
HS, CU Investing Simulation
MS, HS, CU Making Money with Your Own Business

ES = Elementary School Students   MS = Middle School Students
HS = High School Students   CU = College/University Students

These innovative financial literacy school assemblies and workshops are much more than traditional public speaking sessions for students.  They offer real world roll up your sleeves interactive learning that students can relate to.  Even complex financial concepts are made easy to understand and easy to learn.

School Assemblies Pricing  
Classroom Workshops Pricing is available upon request.

Intro to Money

  • What is money & why do we need it?
  • Types of US paper and coin currency
  • Remember to make sure you receive the correct change!
  • Supply & Demand - Sellers & Buyers
  • How supply and demand can affect the market price
  • Monopoly & Oligopoly
  • Trading Game

Money Math
What good is knowing about money, if you can't calculate how much you earn, how much you save, how much you spend and what your investment returns are?  Money math concepts are taught including calculating sales prices, tips, receiving the correct change. Participants will also learn money math tips that are useful when they don't have a calculator with them.

Earning Money
Contrary to what some believe, money does not grow or trees or come from your mom's pocketbook or your dad's credit card. There are many ways you can earn or receive money. Earning money is the best way to experience the value of money and what it can be used for.

  • Several ways to earn/receive money
  • Earning information (minimum wages, average household income)
  • Starting your own part time business
  • How much should your charge?
  • What will it cost you to start your business? Startup/Fixed Costs
  • What will it cost you to operate your business? Variable Costs
  • Lemonade stand exercise

Saving Money
The average savings rate in America is extremely low and in 2005, it was actually negative (first time since the Great Depression). Why do we save so little and why does it matter? On an individual level, it's important to save your money for financial freedom, for unexpected financial needs, and for your future (so you don't have to work until you're 90!) For our country, a higher savings rate means that more money can be invested to grow our economy and fewer people will need government assistance now and in their future.

  • Reasons to save your money
  • Calculating interest
  • The power of starting to save when you're young
  • What happens if you don't stick to the savings plan (miss a few savings payments)
  • Inflation & Deflation
  • Different types of savings accounts

Spending Money
Today, it's hard to survive without spending money. But, the key is learning how to you make smart choices every day when you spend your money.

  • How much money do you spend?
  • What do you spend your money on?
  • What things cost
  • Cell phone example
  • Spending tips
  • Credit Cards - The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Investing Money
How well you make your money grow will help determine how financially comfortable you will be in your future. But, you have to remember that most investments have the potential to lose money.

  • What is investing?
  • Types of Investments
  • Calculating returns
  • Diversification and why it's important
  • Investing tips

Making Money with Your Own Business
Do you want to earn your own money? Would you like to develop a great business idea, but don't know where to begin? In these sessions you will learn how to evaluate potential business ideas. You will also learn how to prepare and evaluate financial information such as start up costs, operating costs, and profitability. Who will your customers be? Will they be willing to buy what you are offering? Will there be enough of them to make your business profitable and worthwhile? These questions and more will be answered in a very interactive and fun series.

Investing simulation - Putting your money to work
Rather than blindly picking stocks in a traditional stock investment game, students will learn about several types of investments and what financial properties makes them different from each other. They will learn about investment income and appreciation of assets. They will create and monitor a $100,000 investment portfolio and they will learn what it's like to earn and to lose money on their investments. Liquidity, investment income, capital appreciation and other investment terms will be taught.

Money Lessons for Teen Life - Welcome to the Real World
So, you're a teenager and you're on your way to becoming an adult. In these sessions, you will learn about actively making smart financial decisions instead of learning the hard way as you go through life.

  • Graduating from allowance to your first "real" job
  • Buying your first car
  • Starting to plan for college
  • Money Lessons for College Life
  • What will it really cost? Creating a 4 or 5 year financial plan.
  • My student loan is bigger than your student loan. How much should you borrow and will you be able to afford the monthly payments after graduation.
  • Renting an apt or sharing a dorm room
  • Meal plans
  • Credit Cards
  • Saving while you're in college??!!





Money Lessons for Life offers the best financial literacy assembly programs in South Florida and across the United States!


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