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Money Lessons For Life

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Money Coaching & Learning for K-12 Students,
College Students AND Adults
Learn about personal finance with innovative financial literacy assemblies, Money Field Trips, classroom workshops and individual money coaching.  Great for elementary school, middle school, high school, college students and adults.

Remote Private Money Coaching (For Adults & Families)

Goodbye Money - 1,000 Ways to Waste It, or Not
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Amazon Bestseller - Intro to Money DVD - Personal Finance for Kids and Teens

5 Steps to Calculate What Your Gold is Really Worth

Watch Garrett Jay's audition - Oprah's Your Own TV Show contest

Library Journal - "Intro to Money" DVD Review

Library Programs

"Madoff Scheme Avoidance" taught to students

Garrett Jay, Founder Bio

Do you and your children have a money coach?
Are you looking for a timely guest speaker?
Don't your children deserve innovative financial literacy student assemblies and workshops?

Before the U.S. economy began its recent decline, we started teaching money lessons to children, teens, college students and adults.  We offer the best financial literacy programs including innovative school assemblies, classroom workshops, lesson plans, Money Field Trips, DVDs, event speaking and individual money coaching.  You can help attack financial illiteracy in your home or classroom with money lessons that last a lifetime.

Money Lessons for Life teaches students how to understand and tackle tough real world challenges.  Children, teens, college students and their parents learn tips and secrets about how to earn money, save money, spend money and invest money.  Participants learn to make informed money decisions that will affect their lives now and in the future.  Even complex financial concepts are explained so that they are easy to understand and remember.

Most people go through life and learn about money by making mistakes.
You should want to learn about money before you make mistakes!

It's time to teach kids about money.  Give the BEST GIFT that lasts forever.  Intro to Money DVD will prepare your children for a successful financial future!

Based in Palm Beach County, Florida, Money Lessons for Life student assemblies, classroom workshops and Money Field Trips can be held at your school or organization anywhere in the country.

Goodbye Money

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Everyone has the potential to be a millionaire...
You don't need a lot of money...You don't need to be a genius...
But, you do need to start now!